The United States “military-industrial complex” is the greatest criminal scam perpetrated upon the American public. It sucks down a rathole trillions of dollars, foists its military bases and attendant moral corrosiveness upon many other nations, justifies its bloated budget through endless deadly losing wars and false new enemies, and ultimately seduces people into a cult worship of DEATH.

Republicans and Democrats united once again to pass a Pentagon bill of $778 billion, $25 billion more than even the greedy Pentagon asked for. One of the Pentagon ruses is to spread out military-related procurements across all states and most districts and then tout job creation and security.

Bail out of one losing war and then the generals scare people about another encroaching enemy, this time crying “China and Russia.” Of course, not mentioning that the Pentagon budget exceeds the combined military spending of that of the next highest spending military nations.

Tom Hartung writes in Tom Dispatch some (but far from all) the spending scam. Read here.