A decade or so ago I read James Hansen’s book, “Storms of My Grandchildren.” If I recall rightly, Hansen discusses research he did on the planet Venus during his graduate studies. CO2 on Venus is over 96% of the atmosphere. There is a strong hypothesis that Venus once had oceans, but volcanic action spewed so much CO2 into the atmosphere that a run-away feedback loop destroyed the planet. In his book, Hansen worries about run-away greenhouse feedback loops that cannot be controlled once ignited. The massive amount of methane in the permafrost, as well as methane cathrate (methane enveloped in ocean ice), is increasingly being released as global temperatures and ocean temperatures rise. The short-term potency of methane means it must be controlled and turned back right away in order to avert feedback loops, according to a speech I heard from climate scientist Bob Howarth several years ago.

National Oceanic and Atmosheric Administration (NOAA) is showing dangerously increasing global concentrations of methane.  This portends runaway climate here and now that might not be turned back!

So how do we Christian people understand and live out the virtue of HOPE at this time of climate gloom and doom?