The Christmas Story is not all Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus surrounded by awakened shepherds and knew-bowing Wisemen. The egotistical, sadistic King Herod ordered the slaughter of all young male children in Bethlehem. The Bible records that the mothers wailed in their weeping over their slain children. Is there any sight or sound more heart-rending than that of a mother whose child has died? Jesus escaped by miracle.

But in much of the world, young children are being slaughtered, wounded, and psychologically traumatized by war. What is especially indicting for those of us in the United States is that the U.S. government is supplying weaponry and status to the bombing in Gaza. Countless mothers are heartbroken as their children suffer amputations, starvation, and death. And we remember the Israeli mothers who lost children, too. War is evil, period.
See this link about mothers calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.