In his recent State of the Union speech, President Joe Biden tried to hoodwink compassionate U.S. citizens by unveiling a plan to transport food to starving Gaza residents through a temporary pier that Navy supply ships could embark. Biden is learning that his supplying bombs to Israel for its genocidal assault in Gaza is not playing well in key electoral states. Biden thinks he can dupe idiot voters.

In an hour, the U.S. could open the gates to the hundreds of food aid trucks stalled at Gaza borders by Israel. Simply march the trucks in under Biden’s orders. Would Israel dare bomb vehicles under the flag of the United States?

Israel supports the food aid pier. Why? Because it could be a vehicle to expel desperate Palestinians from Gaza. Permanently. Which appears to be the goal of Israel in Gaza and the West Bank. Expel all the Palestinians, or reduce them to pitiful, politically-disemboweled, sheep on barren reservations. Like the U.S. did to the Native American Indians. See this post by the Electronic Infifada for analysis.