Core Beliefs

I want to first state that my beliefs are available for dialogue. I can attest that in a number of situations I have had a held belief overturned and changed.  Certainly I’ve had opinions changed or at least shaded in a different direction, or strengthened, or nuanced.

My parents have been my major influence. In another vein I would say certain personal spiritual events, epiphanies if you will have been life-changing. Certain people who I have admired have influenced me. And I will note that I read extensively books, newspapers, magazines, and some documentaries. I have formal training in Bible, Theology, Public Policy, and Science. I make an effort to listen to different viewpoints that are in themselves clashing, and admit that I both learn and am frustrated in the experience.

My core belief is that Jesus is God within Trinity, revealed in the Bible, confirmed into my spirit by The Holy Spirit. How Jesus lived on earth, what He taught, and what He reveals is my guide and interpretive lens. I am still learning and trying.

Creation Song will be my attempt to understand and interpret life through the prism of Jesus.

Here is my first blog posting in which I outline parameters of some of my beliefs, along with a photo of my baptism at age 11.